Friday, September 10, 2010

The Harsh Truth About Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

When you firstly obtain hemorrhoids you will find there is a lot if information available to you concerning the two dissimilar types of hemorrhoids. One of the types is internal and occurs within your anal area, while the further form is the external kind which is wherever the Thrombosed hemorrhoid starts. When a someone encounter a Thrombosed hemorrhoid, this means there are clots in the veins causing them to protrude and making them clearly visible. The Thrombosed hemorrhoid can be extremely painful and causes the someone a lot irritation. A lot of times the Thrombosed hemorrhoid looks and similar a raisin, it is usually quite firm and when you are sitting down it will be really painful.


In several cases if you have the Thrombosed hemorrhoid you will find that it is dim and firm. Ordinary hemorrhoids are red in color; yet Thrombosed hemorrhoids are lavender in color. Thrombosed hemorrhoids improve because the vein is being strangled and the blood is being blocked from flowing correctly. In some more extreme cases you may want to have surgical procedure to take away the blood clot.


There are some treatments that make easier with Thrombosed hemorrhoids, yet a lot of people will pay no attention to this type of hemorrhoid. The problems they face by taking this path of action Is that in several situations the condition will acquire worse for the sufferer. Further people will look towards the suggested treatments for Thrombosed hemorrhoids such as adding fiber rich foods or enhancing the amount of liquid you take in. Some people find that the clot creates the Thrombosed hemorrhoid may liquefy by itself as well.


Other treatments vacant for the medication of the thrombosed hemorrhoid include a hot sitz bath or hemorrhoid creams and ointments, which are used as temporary pain relievers. More importantly is when you use the sitz bath treatment to relieve your hemorrhoids, it causes the veins to expand and will let the clot travel along its route relieving the pain. The creams and the ointments allow you some relief until you have the time to obtain one of the better treatments.


The ultimate alternative and last resort to cure Thrombosed hemorrhoids is the taking away of the clot surgically. The surgical treatment is quite easy requiring a simple incision and the squeezing out of the clot. The only problem you may have face id the re-forming of the clots that may come back to haunt you and cause you additional hemorrhoid pain. Several people may look for other treatments besides surgical treatment, whirling to ordinary cures which heal the hemorrhoid problem so that you can avoid flair ups of future Thrombosed hemorrhoids.

The best way to treat thrombosed hemorrhoids is to immerse them in lukewarm water for 15 minutes a little times daily. This will relieve to lessen the pain and to shrink the enlargement.

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