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Hemorrhoids are distended veins in the lower digestive tract specifically in the anal canal. Hemorrhoids can be a pain staking condition to a lot of those. 

When hemorrhoids begin to enlarge, it forms a cushion like formation. This is proven as inner hemorrhoids. Most inner hemorrhoids can?t be easily detected. The usual symptom of this type hemorrhoid is bright red blood streaks in the feces. inner hermorrhoids are regularly diagnosed by a physician. If you experienced this symptom make sure you take note of the time when you saw blood streaks in your feces.

Most physicians would suggest that you drink more water a day and have a high fiber food intake. There are tons of high fiber foods out there from grains to fruits. Blackberries, blueberries, pears, pineapples and papaya are just some of them. 

Having a high fiber diet and correct water drinking daily can prevent you soften your stools in order to decrease pressure and resistance while defecating. It can help you to easily pass stools lacking too much straining. Though some those will suggest that you use laxatives, loose stools can irritate the hemorrhoids and can cause more problems later on. That?s why it is very worthwhile to seek advice from a physician even if you?re doing home treatments.

Some of the causes of hemorrhoids are unsanitary bowel hygiene, digestive problems, diarrhea and hard faeces. If you have internal hemorrhoids direct referral to a physician is required in order to rule out if it?s caused by other digestive health problems or not. 

Here are some stuff that you could do to heal internal hemorrhoids:

Icy compress followed by lukewarm compress ? This can prevent reduce the bulge.

tepid sitz bath. ? This can ease the pain and bulge of the affected part. 

Stop dressed in very tight clothes 

Use cortisone cream ? To relieve the pain and discomfort. 

Squat when defecating ? This will make it easier to pass stools. 

Deterrence is always better than treatment. Here are some ways to prevent the occurrence of internal hemorrhoids:

Drink sufficient amount of water a day (8 glasses). 

Incorporate foods that are high in fiber in your diet

Make sure that you wash the anal area

Lose weight during proper food intake and physical exercises.

Having internal hemorrhoids should make you more alert of your health situation especially your food intake and lifestyle. If you won?t change anything concerning yourself, there?s a big tendency that the hemorrhoids might come back. Live a healthy life and stay away from the hemorrhoid problem. 

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